MMA Pre-eligibility Plan Choice

You are on this page because you have completed your application for benefits, including Medicaid, with DCF ACCESS System. Most Medicaid recipients are required to enroll in an MMA plan for their services. Under Pre-eligibility Plan Choice there is no change to who is eligible to enroll, who is required to enroll, or the services offered.

Pre-eligibility Plan Choice allows a DCF Applicant to be enrolled in a plan the day they become eligible for Medicaid. This website will provide you the plans available in your area, guidance about selecting an MMA plan and how to make a plan choice.

If a DCF Applicant for Medicaid does not select a plan they will be assigned to one if they are required to be enrolled in an MMA plan to receive Medicaid services. Please make your plan selection today so you can be enrolled in the plan that best meets your needs when you are determined eligible.

In order to pre-select your plan, please click the button below to create a FL Medicaid Member Portal account.