Ways to Enroll

Online Automated Phone System (open 24/7) Call-In
NOTE: It’s easy to enroll! Just have your Florida Medicaid Number or Social Security Number and birth date for each person you are enrolling. If you do not have this information you may contact your Department of Children and Families office.

Who may enroll?

  1. Voluntary Recipients:

    Some Medicaid recipients are not required to but may choose to enroll if they meet the level of care and all other enrollment requirements.

  2. Mandatory Recipients:

    Some Medicaid recipients will receive directions that they must choose and enroll in a plan:

    • Information will be provided regarding the plans available in their region
    • The details about when to make a choice
    • Name the plan they will be assigned to if a plan is not chosen by them
    • However, mandatory recipients may opt out of the LTC program all together at any time
  3. Individuals pending Full Medicaid Approval/Medicaid Pending Choices:
    1. Persons awaiting Medicaid Eligibility from the Department of Children and Families may enroll and get services now
      1. But these persons may be responsible for out of pocket costs for services received if Medicaid eligibility is not approved
      2. If you choose to stop the services you are receiving prior to attaining Medicaid approval, you will have to wait until full Medicaid approval has been determined prior to receiving services again.

    2. Enroll and get services later
      1. May choose to enroll in a plan but not receive services until full Medicaid Eligibility has been determined

    3. Wait for eligibility to enroll
      1. May chose to wait until Medicaid eligibility has been determined prior to enrolling in a plan

For more information about ways to receive services before full Medicaid approval has been determined, please do one of the following:

When to Enroll By: Plan Choice, Change Period and Rights